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Welcome to SHE Management

We provide a fresh, uncomplicated attitude towards Safety Health and Environmental issues within a business, large or small. Meeting your ‘SHE’ obligations does not have to be complicated or expensive and can greatly enhance your organisation.

Safety, Health & Environment (SHE) has been our passion for 15 years.

We are a small, efficient organisation providing SHE solutions, support and training to a wide range of clients, from multi-national groups to the self-employed throughout the UK and overseas.

Industries we are currently working within include healthcare, construction, engineering and design.


  • Safetree

    This Christmas tree poses a increased risk, but does every tree need an extinguisher?

  • Air Pollution in our towns and cities

    The air pollution in London is visible on a clear, cold day, particularly from a high building.

  • Hedgehog Protection

    Please consider wildlife this season - we've lost a third of our hedgehog population since the millenium.